SCYON Abstract

Received on January 20 2004

NGC 2580 and NGC 2588: Two open clusters in the Third Galactic Quadrant

AuthorsG. Baume1, A. Moitinho2, E. Giorgi3, G.Carraro4, R. Vazquez5
Affiliation (1) Padova
(2) Lisboa
(3) La Plata
(4) Padova
(5) La Plata
Accepted byAstronomy & Astrophysics


We present CCD broad band photometric observations obtained in the field of the Third Galactic Quadrant open clusters NGC 2580 and NGC 2588 (BV(I)_C and UBV(RI)_C respectively). From the analysis of our data we obtained that NGC 2580 is at a distance of about 4 Kpc and its age is near to 160 Myr. Whereas NGC 2588 is placed at about 5 Kpc from the Sun and has an age near of 450 Myr. NGC 2580 belong to the Vela-Puppis spur arm whereas NGC 2588 is nearer to the local arm structure. For both clusters, we also built the corresponding luminosity functions (LFs) down to V ~ 20 and their initial mass functions (IMFs) for masses above M ~ 1-1.5 M_sun. A determination of the IMFslopes for the most massive bins were computed and we found the values of x ~ 1.3 for NGC 2580 and x ~ 2 for NGC 2588. This last cluster appeared to be much more extended than previous estimations with a core-corona structure produced probably by dynamical effect.