SCYON Abstract

Received on December 13 2000

Star clusterings in the Carina complex:
UBVRI photometry of NGC 3324 and Loden 165

AuthorsG. Carraro1, F. Patat2, H. Baumgardt3
Affiliation1 Universitá di Padova
3 Edinburgh University
Submitted toAstronomy & Astrophysics
Links NGC 3324 / Loden 165


We report on UBVRI photometry of two 5' x 5' fields in the region of the young open cluster NGC 3324. One of our fields covers the core region, while the other is closer to the tidal radius of the cluster. Our study provides the first CCD photometry of NGC 3324. We find that the cluster is very young and probably contains several pre Main Sequence (MS) stars. 25 members are identified on the basis of their position in the (U-B) vs (B-V) diagram. We investigate the relation of the red supergiant HD 92207 with NGC 3324, suggesting that it probably does not belong to the cluster.

Our second field is close to Loden 165, a possible cluster of stars that has never been studied so far. We show that this object is a probable open cluster, much older than NGC 3324 and much closer to the Sun.