SCYON Abstract

Received on September 23 2003

A multicolor CCD photometric study of the open clusters NGC 2866, Pismis 19, Westerlund 2, ESO96-SC04, NGC 5617 and NGC 6204

AuthorsGiovanni Carraro1, Ulisse Munari2
Affiliation1 Universitá di Padova
2 Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova
Accepted byMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Links NGC 2866 | NGC 5617 | NGC 6204 | Pismis 19 | Westerlund 2 |


Accurate and deep BVI CCD photometry is presented for the core regions of six southern compact open clusters (supplemented in one case by U and R bands too) that generally have only scanty photometric data published, in some case only photoelectric or photographic. Together with adoption of modern reference isochrones, this has allowed to derive improved values for their distance, reddening, age and main sequence morphology.