SCYON Abstract

Received on June 29 2006

Fundamental parameters of six neglected old open clusters

AuthorsGiovanni Carraro (1)
Annapurni Subramaniam (2)
Kenneth A. Janes (3)
(1) UChile/Yale
(2) Bangalore
(3) Boston University
Accepted byMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Links Berkeley 5 / Berkeley 44 / Berkeley 52 / Berkeley 56 / NGC 6827


In this paper we present the first BVI CCD photometry of six overlooked old open clusters (Berkeley 44, NGC 6827, Berkeley 52, Berkeley 56, Skiff 1 and Berkeley 5) and derive estimates of their fundamental parameters by using isochrones from the Padova library (Girardi et al. 2000). We found that all the clusters are older than the Hyades, with ages ranging from 0.8 (NGC 6827 and Berkeley 5) to 4.0 (Berkeley 56) Gyr. This latter is one of the old open clusters with the largest heliocentric distance. In the field of Skiff 1 we recognize a faint blue Main Sequence identical to the one found in the background of open clusters in the Second and Third Galactic Quadrant, and routinely attributed to the Canis Major accretion event. We use the synthetic Color Magnitude Diagram method and a Galactic model to show that this population can be easily interpreted as Thick Disk and Halo population toward Skiff 1. We finally revise the old open clusters age distribution, showing that the previously suggested peak at 5 Gyr looses importance as additional old clusters are discovered.