SCYON Abstract

Received on January 10 2002

Photometry of dissolving star cluster candidates.
The cases of NGC 7036 and NGC 7772.

AuthorsG. Carraro
AffiliationPadova University
Accepted byAstronomy & Astrophysics


We present CCD UBVI observations obtained in the field of the two previously unstudied dissolving open cluster candidates NGC 7036 and NGC 7772. Our analysis suggests that both the objects are Open Cluster Remnants (OCR).
NGC 7036 is an open cluster remnant with a core radius of about 3-4 arcmin. We derive for the first time estimates of its fundamental parameters. We identify 17 likely members which define a group of stars at 1 kpc from the Sun, with a low reddening E(B-V) ~ 0.1,and with an age of about 3-4 Gyr.
As for NGC 7772, we identify 14 likely members, which define a group of stars with a very low reddening (E(B-V) ~ 0.03), 1.5 Gyr old and located about 1.5 kpc from the Sun.