SCYON Abstract

Received on March 18 2002

New catalogue of optically visible open clusters and candidates

AuthorsW.S. Dias, B.S. Alessi, A. Moitinho and J.R.D. Lépine
AffiliationInstituto Astronômico e Geofísico, Universidade de São Paulo, Caixa Postal 3386, 01060-970 São Paulo SP, Brazil
Submitted toAstronomy & Astrophysics or


We have compiled a new catalogue of open clusters in the Galaxy which updates the previous catalogues of Lynga (1987) and of Mermilliod (1995) (included in the WEBDA database). New objects and new data, in particular, data on kinematics (proper motions) that were not present in the old catalogues, have been included. Virtually all the clusters (1537) presently known were included, which represents an increment of about 347 objects relative to the Lynga (1987) catalogue. The catalogue is presented in a single table containing all the important data, which makes it easy to use. The catalogue can be accessed on line either at or as an electronic table which will be made available at the CDS.