SCYON Abstract

Received on August 21 2001

Pismis 2, a poorly studied, intermediate age open cluster

AuthorsL. Di Fabrizio (1,2), A. Bragaglia (1), M. Tosi (1), G. Marconi (3,4)
Affiliation(1) Oss. Astron. Bologna - Italy
(2) Telescopio Nazionale Galileo - La Palma
(3) Oss. Astron. Roma - Italy
(4) ESO - Chile
Accepted byMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society or
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We present CCD BVI photometry of the intermediate age open cluster Pismis 2, covering from the brighter red giants to about 5 magnitudes below the main sequence turn-off. The cluster is heavily reddened and is possibly affected by a differential reddening of Delta E(B-V) ~ 0.04-0.06.

Using the synthetic Colour - Magnitude Diagram method, we estimate in a self-consistent way distance modulus, (n-M)0 ~ 12.5-12.7, and age ~ 1.1-1.2 Gyr. The cluster probably contains a significant fraction of binary systems. The metallicity is most likely solar and the reddening E(B-V) ranges between 1.26 and 1.32 depending on the cluster region.