SCYON Abstract

Received on May 31 2001

A Database of Globular Cluster Bimodality

AuthorsDuncan A. Forbes
AffiliationAstrophysics & Supercomputing, Swinburne University, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia


Most well-studied, large galaxies reveal two subpopulations of globular clusters. In the case of early-type galaxies, bimodality in the globular cluster colour distribution is taken as evidence of the two subpopulations. For the Milky Way, and to a lesser extent M31, the subpopulations are distinct in terms of metallicity and kinematics. The number of galaxies with known globular cluster bimodality, and hence distinct subpopulations, has grown rapidly. I have created a web page that lists 40 galaxies with definite or probable bimodality. All colours (or metallicities) have been converted to a common V-I colour and corrected for extinction using Schlegel et al. (1998). As well as mean colour and assigned error for the globular clusters, I list various galaxy properties and reference sources.
The database can be found at
If this data is to be used for publication I would appreciate hearing from the authors prior to publication. I welcome additions to the database.