SCYON Abstract

Received on January 10 2001

Interpretation of color-magnitude diagram of the open cluster Praesepe.

AuthorsA.V. Loktin, L.K. Malisheva.
AffiliationUral State University, 51, Lenin av., Ekaterinburg, 620083, Russia
Submitted toAstron. Zhournal (Russia)
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On the base of published theoretical evolutionary tracks of stars of various masses the modeling of color-magnitude diagram of Praesepe cluster was performed. Computer program created for this purpose allows to build color-magnitude diagrams and luminosity functions of model clusters in the presence of double stars, dispersion of ages of cluster stars and their pre-main-sequence evolution. By the comparison of observed color-magnitude diagram with model one it was shown that inclusion of these effects is enough to interpret the structure of color - magnitude diagram of Praesepe cluster. The age dispersion of cluster stars of turn-off point mass is appear to be equal to 8 x 107 years. The fraction of double stars between cluster members is equal to 20%, the distribution of mass ratios q of double stars' components is uniform for q > 0.4 with marked deficiency of systems with smaller q. The letter allow to estimate the fraction of double stars by the direct star counts on the color-magnitude diagram.