SCYON Abstract

Received on January 15 2001

The catalogue of our Galaxy open cluster parameters - second version.

AuthorsA.V. Loktin, T.P. Gerasimenko, L.K. Malisheva
AffiliationAstronomical observatory of Ural State University, 51, Lenin av., Ekaterinburg, 620083, Russia
Accepted byAstron.Astrophys.Trans., 2001.
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The catalogue of colour excesses, ages and distance moduli of open clusters of our Galaxy is composed by reprocessing of published photometrical data in UBV, BV, RGU, DDO and uvbyß system using homogeneous set of standard relations. The methods of cluster parameters estimation and computer routines used are discussed. The catalogue of mean estimates of parameters of 423 clusters is given. This is the second version of homogeneous catalogue of cluster parameters, first one (published in Astron. Astrophys. Trans., 1994, Vol. 4, p. 153) contained the values of parameters for 330 clusters.