SCYON Abstract

Received on August 26 2002

Pre-main-sequence stars in the young open cluster NGC 1893. I. A spectroscopic search for candidates in the area photometrically surveyed

AuthorsA. Marco, I. Negueruela
AffiliationDpto. de Física, Ingeniería de Sistemas y Teoría de la Señal, Universidad de Alicante, Apdo. de Correos 99, E-03080, Alicante, Spain
Accepted byAstronomy & Astrophysics
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We present low-resolution spectroscopy of the majority of the stars in the field of NGC 1893 which were classified as non-members based on the photometry of Marco et al. (2001). We separate field stars from pre-main-sequence members based on a combination of spectral type and photometric indices which allows us to determine the reddening to the objects. For candidates to pre-main-sequence objects, we present intermediate-resolution spectra. We confirm 3 F-type emission-line objects as massive T Tauri stars in NGC 1893 and find two good candidates for being absorption-line Herbig A stars. A B5 star is a very good candidate for an absorption-line Herbig B star. We also investigate the nature of emission-line B-type stars close to the cluster centre. Available evidence suggests that both classical Be stars and Herbig Be stars are present in NGC 1893