SCYON Abstract

Received on December 19 2005

CCD photometry of distant open clusters NGC 2425, Haffner 10 and Czernik 29

AuthorsP. Pietrukowicz(1), J. Kaluzny(1) and W. Krzeminski(2)
(1) Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw, Poland
(2) Las Campanas Observatory, Chile
Accepted byMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
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We present BVI photometry for poorly known southern hemisphere open clusters: NGC 2425, Haffner 10 and Czernik 29. We have calculated the density profile and established the number of stars in each cluster. The colour-magnitude diagrams of the objects show a well-defined main sequence. However, the red giant clump is present only in NGC 2425 and Haffner 10. For these two clusters we estimated the age as 2.5±0.5 Gyr assuming metallicity of Z = 0.008. The apparent distance moduli are in the ranges 13.2 < (m-M)V < 13.6 and 14.3 < (m-M)V < 14.7, while heliocentric distances are estimated to be 2.9 < d < 3.8 kpc and 3.1 < d < 4.3 kpc, respectively for NGC 2425 and Haffner 10. The angular separation of 2.4 deg (150 pc at mean distance) may indicate a common origin of the two clusters.