SCYON Abstract

Received on August 15 2006

Membership Determination of Open Cluster M48 Based on BATC 13-Band Photometry

AuthorsZhen-Yu Wu, Xu Zhou, Jun Ma, Zhao-Ji Jiang, Jian-Sheng Chen
National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 20A Datun Road, Beijing 100012, China
To appear inPASP, 2005, 118, 1104
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Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut (BATC) multiband photometric data in the field of open cluster M48 are used to determine its membership. By comparing observed spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of M48 stars with theoretical ones, membership probabilities of 750 stars with limiting magnitudes of 15.0 in the BATC c band (λeff = 4194Å) are determined. We find 323 stars with membership probabilities higher than 30% that are considered to be candidate members of M48. Comparing membership probabilities of 229 stars obtained in common between the the present method and proper-motion-based methods, an 80% agreement among these methods is obtained.