SCYON Abstract

Received on August 16 2006

Pulsating pre-main sequence stars in IC 4996 and NGC 6530

AuthorsK. Zwintz and W.W. Weiss
Institute of Astronomy, University of Vienna, Türkenschanzstrasse 17, A-1180 Vienna, Austria
Accepted byAstronomy & Astrophysics
Links IC 4996 / NGC 6530


Asteroseismology of pulsating pre-main sequence (PMS) stars has the potential of testing the validity of current models of PMS structure and evolution. As a first step, a sufficiently large sample of pulsating PMS stars has to be established, which allows to select candidates optimally suited for a detailed asteroseismological analysis based on photometry from space or ground based network data. A search for pulsating PMS members in the young open clusters IC 4996 and NGC 6530 has been performed to improve the sample of known PMS pulsators. As both clusters are younger than 10 million years, all members with spectral types later than A0 have not reached the zero-age main sequence yet. Hence, IC 4996 and NGC 6530 are most suitable to search for PMS pulsation among their A- and F-type cluster stars. CCD time series photometry in Johnson B and V filters has been obtained for IC 4996 and NGC 6530. The resulting light curves for 113 stars in IC 4996 and 194 stars in NGC 6530 have been subject to detailed frequency analyses. 2 delta Scuti-like PMS stars have been discovered in IC 4996 and 6 in NGC 6530. For another PMS star in each cluster, pulsation can only be suspected. According to the computed pulsation constants, the newly detected PMS stars seem to prefer to pulsate in a similar fashion to the classical delta Scuti stars, and with higher overtone modes.