List of abstracts received for SCYON

List of abstracts by order of arrival date

Issue No 20, September 30 2004


  1. Star forming region
  2. Embedded clusters
  3. Galactic open clusers
  4. Galactic globular clusters
  5. Galactic center clusters
  6. SMC clusters
  7. LMC clusters
  8. Extragalactic clusters
  9. Cluster formation
  10. Dynamical evolution - simulations
  11. Miscellanous

A. Star Forming Regions

B. Embedded Clusters

C. Galactic Open Clusters

I. Pillitteri, G. Micela, F. Reale, S. Sciortino  (September 30, 2004)
XMM-Newton observation of the young open cluster Blanco 1. II. X-ray variability and flares

L. Prisinzano, F. Damiani, G. Micela, S. Sciortino  (September 30, 2004)
The star formation region NGC 6530: distance, ages and initial mass function

Alexander Scholz, Jochen Eislöffel  (September 27, 2004)
Rotation and variability of very low mass stars and brown dwarfs near epsilon Ori

A. Marino, G. Micela, G. Peres, I. Pillitteri, S. Sciortino  (September 22, 2004)
X-ray spectral and timing characteristics of the stars in the young open cluster IC 2391

Angela Bragaglia, Enrico V. Held, Monica Tosi  (September 21, 2004)
Radial velocities and membership of stars in the old, distant open cluster Berkeley 29

M. Tosi, L. Di Fabrizio, A. Bragaglia, P.A. Carusillo, G. Marconi  (August 5, 2004)
Berkeley 29, the most distant old open cluster

S. Villanova, G. Carraro, R. de la Fuente Marcos, R. Stagni  (July 29, 2004)
NGC 5385, NGC 2664 and Collinder 21: three candidate Open Cluster Remnants

D. Galactic Globular Clusters

E. Galactic Center Clusters

F. SMC Clusters

G. LMC Clusters

H. Extragalactic Clusters

Duncan A. Forbes, Favio Raul, Faifer, Juan Carlos Forte,Terry Bridges, Michael A. Beasley, Karl Gebhardt, David A. Hanes, Ray Sharples, Stephen E. Zepf  (September 21, 2004)
Gemini/GMOS Imaging of Globular Clusters in the Virgo Galaxy NGC 4649 (M60)

R. de Grijs, P. Anders, H. J. G. L. M. Lamers, N. Bastian, U. Fritze-v. Alvensleben, G. Parmentier, M. E. Sharina, and S. Yi  (July 13, 2004)
Systematic uncertainties in the analysis of star cluster parameters based on broad-band imaging observations

I. Cluster formation

J. Dynamical Evolution - Simulations

K. Miscellanous