List of abstracts received for SCYON

List of abstracts by order of arrival date

Issue No 24, July 19 2005


  1. Star forming region
  2. Embedded clusters
  3. Galactic open clusers
  4. Galactic globular clusters
  5. Galactic center clusters
  6. SMC clusters
  7. LMC clusters
  8. Extragalactic clusters
  9. Cluster formation
  10. Dynamical evolution - simulations
  11. Miscellanous

A. Star Forming Regions

B. Embedded Clusters

C. Galactic Open Clusters

G. Carraro, D. Geisler, A. Moitinho, G. Baume, R. Vazquez  (June 24 2005)
Photometric study of the old open clusters Berkeley 73, Berkeley 75 and Berkeley 25

G. Carraro, G. Baume, R. Vazquez, A. Moitinho, D. Geisler  (June 21 2005)
The intermediate-age open clusters Ruprecht 61, Czernik 32, NGC 2225 and NGC 2262

E. Carretta, A. Bragaglia, R. Gratton, M. Tosi  (June 2 2005)
High-resolution spectroscopy of the old open cluster Collinder 261: abundances of Iron and other elements

A. Subramaniam, D.K. Sahu, R. Sagar, P. Vijitha  (May 24 2005)
NGC 146: A young open cluster with a Herbig Be star and intermediate mass pre-main sequence stars

D. Galactic Globular Clusters

E. Galactic Center Clusters

F. SMC Clusters

G. LMC Clusters

H. Extragalactic Clusters

Michael R. Meyer and Julia Greissl  (August 3 2005)
Constraining the IMF in Extreme Environments: Detecting Young Low Mass Stars in Unresolved Starbursts

R. de Grijs1, G. Parmentier2 and H.J.G.L.M. Lamers  (July 11 2005)
The initial mass distribution of the M82 star cluster system

Margarita E. Sharina, Thomas H. Puzia, Dmitry I. Makarov  (May 31 2005)
Hubble Space Telescope Imaging of Globular Cluster Candidates in Low Surface Brightness Dwarf Galaxies

Thomas H. Puzia, Markus Kissler-Patig, Daniel Thomas, Claudia Maraston, Roberto P. Saglia, Ralf Bender, Paul Goudfrooij, Maren Hempel  (May 27 2005)
VLT Spectroscopy of Globular Cluster Systems II. Spectroscopic Ages, Metallicities, and [alpha/Fe] Ratios of Globular Clusters in Early-Type Galaxies

C.M. Boily, A. Lançon, S. Deiters, D.C. Heggie  (May 2 2005)
The M/L ratio of young star clusters in galactic mergers

I. Cluster formation

Fellhauer, M., Kroupa, P.  (July 19 2005)
Star Cluster Survival in Star Cluster Complexes under Extreme Residual Gas Expulsion

J. Dynamical Evolution - Simulations

Clovis Hopman and Tal Alexander  (July 19 2005)
The orbital statistics of stellar inspiral and relaxation near a massive black hole: characterizing gravitational wave sources

Peter Berczik David Merritt, Rainer Spurzem  (July 11 2005)
Long-Term Evolution of Massive Black Hole Binaries. II. Binary Evolution in Low-Density Galaxies

Andras Szell, David Merritt, Yannis Kevrekidis  (May 2 2005)
Core Collapse via Coarse Dynamic Renormalization

K. Miscellanous