List of abstracts received for SCYON

List of abstracts by order of arrival date

Issue No 16, December 15 2003


  1. Star forming region
  2. Embedded clusters
  3. Galactic open clusers
  4. Galactic globular clusters
  5. Galactic center clusters
  6. SMC clusters
  7. LMC clusters
  8. Extragalactic clusters
  9. Cluster formation
  10. Dynamical evolution - simulations
  11. Miscellanous

A. Star Forming Regions

B. Embedded Clusters

João Alves, Nicole Homeier  (December 3, 2003)
Uncovering the Beast: Discovery of Embedded Massive Stellar Clusters in W49A

C. Galactic Open Clusters

Gloria Andreuzzi, Angela Bragaglia, Monica Tosi, Gianni Marconi  (November 12, 2003)
UBVI photometry of the intermediate age open cluster NGC 6939

C. Boeche, U. Munari, L.Tomasella, R.Barbon  (October 9, 2003)
Kinematics and binaries in young stellar aggregates. II. NGC 6913 = M29

Giovanni Carraro, Ulisse Munari  (September 23, 2003)
A multicolor CCD photometric study of the open clusters NGC 2866, Pismis 19, Westerlund 2, ESO96-SC04, NGC 5617 and NGC 6204

S. Madsen, D. Dravins, H.-G. Ludwig, L. Lindegren  (September 15, 2003)
Intrinsic spectral greenshifts in rapidly rotating stars?

Ben Burningham, Tim Naylor, R. D. Jeffries, C. R. Devey  (September 9, 2003)
On the Nature of Collinder 121: Insights from the Low-Mass Pre-Main Sequence

D. Galactic Globular Clusters

E. Galactic Center Clusters

F. SMC Clusters

G. LMC Clusters

H. Extragalactic Clusters

Thomas H. Puzia, Markus Kissler-Patig, Daniel Thomas, Claudia Maraston, Roberto P. Saglia, Ralf Bender, Tom Richtler, Paul Goudfrooij, Maren Hempel  (December 15, 2003)
VLT Spectroscopy of Globular Cluster Systems

Gerhardt R. Meurer, J.P. Blakeslee, M. Sirianni, et al.  (December 10, 2003)
Discovery of Globular Clusters in the Proto-Spiral NGC 2915: Implications for Hierarchical Galaxy Evolution

T. Boeker, M. Sarzi, D. E. McLaughlin, R. P. van der Marel, H.-W. Rix, L. C. Ho, J. C. Shields  (December 5, 2003)
Hubble Space Telescope Census of Nuclear Star Clusters in Late-Type Spiral Galaxies: II. Cluster Sizes and Structural Parameter Correlations

M.S. Oey, J.S. Parker, V.J. Mikles, X. Zhang  (September 11, 2003)
HII regions in spiral galaxies: Size distribution, luminosity function, and new isochrone diagnostics of density wave kinematics

P. Anders, U. Fritze-v. Alvensleben, R. de Grijs  (September 8, 2003)
Multi-color observations of Young Star Clusters

P. Anders, R. de Grijs, U. Fritze-v. Alvensleben, N. Bissantz  (September 8, 2003)
Star Cluster Formation and Evolution in the Dwarf Starburst Galaxy NGC 1569

P. Anders, U. Fritze-v. Alvensleben, R. de Grijs  (September 8, 2003)
Young star clusters: Clues to galaxy formation and evolution

P. Anders, U. Fritze-v. Alvensleben, R. de Grijs  (September 8, 2003)
Young star clusters: Metallicity tracers in external galaxies

P. Anders, U. Fritze-v. Alvensleben, R. de Grijs  (September 8, 2003)
Young star clusters: Progenitors of globular clusters!?

I. Cluster formation

Carsten Weidner, Pavel Kroupa  (December 2, 2003)
Evidence for a fundamental stellar upper mass limit from clustered star formation

Pavel Kroupa, Jérôme Bouvier, Gaspard Duchêne, Estelle Moraux  (December 2, 2003)
On the universal outcome of star-formation: Is there a link between stars and brown-dwarfs?

Estelle Moraux  (December 2, 2003)
Substellar IMF of young open clusters: constraints on the brown dwarf formation process

Pavel Kroupa  (September 23, 2003)
Massive Stars: Their Birth Sites and Distribution

J. Dynamical Evolution - Simulations

F. Roy, J. Perez  (October 20, 2003)
Dissipationless collapse of a set of N massive particles

K. Miscellanous

Pavel Kroupa, Jérôme Bouvier  (December 2, 2003)
On the origin of brown dwarfs and free-floating planetary mass objects