List of abstracts received for SCYON

Issue no 2, March 14 2001

Abstracts by topics

John M. Carpenter, Lynne A. Hillenbrand, M. F. Skrutskie  (March 12, 2001)
Near-Infrared Photometric Variability of Stars Toward the Orion A Molecular Cloud

C. Maraston, M. Kissler-Patig, J.P. Brodie, P. Barmby, J.P. Huchra  (March 12, 2001)
The AGB phase-transition outside the Local Group: K-band observations of young star clusters in NGC 7252

Jörg Sanner, Michael Geffert  (March 9, 2001)
The IMF of open star clusters with Tycho-2

Jörg Sanner, Jens Brunzendorf, Jean-Marie Will, Michael Geffert  (March 9, 2001)
Photometric and kinematic studies of open star clusters. III. NGC 4103, NGC 5281, and NGC 4755

W. S. Dias, J. R. D. LÚpine, B. S. Alessi  (March 8, 2001)
Proper motions of Southern open clusters within 1kpc based on the UCAC1 Catalog

H. Baumgardt  (March 6, 2001)
Halo enrichment by disrupted globular clusters

H. Baumgardt  (March 6, 2001)
Scaling of N-body calculations

M. Fellhauer, H. Baumgardt, P. Kroupa, R. Spurzem  (March 6, 2001)
Merging Timescales and Merger Rates of Star Clusters in Dense Star Cluster Complexes

Almudena Alonso-Herrero, Stuart D. Ryder, and J. H. Knapen  (March 6, 2001)
Nuclear star formation in the hot-spot galaxy NGC 2903

Stuart D. Ryder, J. H. Knapen and M. Takamiya  (March 6, 2001)
Near-infrared spectroscopy of the circumnuclear star formation regions in M100: Evidence for sequential triggering

Ram Sagar, U. Munari and K. S. de Boer  (March 4, 2001)
Multicolour CCD photometric and mass function study of the distant southern open star clusters
NGC 3105, NGC 3603, Melotte 105, Hogg 15, NGC 4815, Pismis 20 and NGC 6253

Pavel Kroupa  (February 27, 2001)
The Initial Mass Function and its Variation

R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta  (February 21, 2001)
Galactic nuclear activity induced by globular cluster merging

R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, A. Vicari, P. Battinelli, G. Arrabito  (February 21, 2001)
Application of an objective method for the identification of Young Star Groupings in spiral galaxies

S.F. Beaulieu, G. Gilmore, R.A.W. Elson, R.A. Johnson, B. Santiago, S. Sigurdsson, N. Tanvir  (February 16, 2001)
The Metal-rich Globular Cluster NGC 6553: Observations with WFPC2, STIS, and NICMOS

Marina Rejkuba  (February 16, 2001)
Deep VLT search for globular clusters in NGC 5128: color-magnitude diagrams and globular cluster luminosity function

Christian Boily, Pavel Kroupa  (February 5, 2001)
Impact of Gas Removal on the Evolution of Embedded Clusters

Aylwyn Scally, Cathie Clarke  (February 1, 2001)
Destruction of Protoplanetary Disks in the Orion Nebula Cluster

L. Prisinzano, G. Carraro, G. Piotto, A. Seleznev, P.B. Stetson, I. Saviane  (January 29, 2001)
Luminosity and mass function of galactic open clusters: I. NGC 4815

Ralf Klessen  (January 18, 2001)
The Formation of Stellar Clusters: Time Varying Protostellar Mass Accretion Rates

A.V. Loktin, T.P. Gerasimenko, L.K. Malisheva  (January 15, 2001)
The catalogue of our Galaxy open cluster parameters - second version.

A.V. Loktin, G.V. Beshenov  (January 15, 2001)
Hipparcos parallaxes and the distance scale of open clusters.



Issue No 1, January 10 2001