List of abstracts received for SCYON

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Issue No 11, October 31, 2002

C.M. Boily, P. Kroupa  (October 30, 2002)
The impact of mass loss on star cluster formation. I. Analytic results

Holger Baumgardt, Piet Hut, Junichiro Makino, Steve McMillan, Simon Portegies Zwart  (October 29, 2002)
On the central structure of M15

Robert P. Kraft, Inese I. Ivans  (October 29, 2002)
A globular cluster metallicity scale based on the abundance of FeII

Cristiano Da Rocha, Claudia Mendes de Oliveira, Michael Bolte, Bodo L. Ziegler, Thomas H. Puzia  (October 25, 2002)
Globular Clusters in Compact Groups

N.V. Kharchenko, L.K. Pakulyak & A.E. Piskunov  (October 25, 2002)
Subsystem of open clusters in post Hipparcos epoch. Structure parameters and proper motions

Mirek Giersz and Douglas C. Heggie  (October 22, 2002)
A simple dynamical model for Omega Cen

E. Flaccomio, G. Micela, S. Sciortino  (October 21, 2002)
Observational clues for a role of circumstellar accretion in PMS X-ray activity

B.G. Elmegreen, Mohsen Shadmehri  (October 18, 2002)
Constraints on star formation from the close packing of protostars in clusters

J. Bouvier, E. Moraux, J.R. Stauffer, D. Barrado y Navascués & J.-C. Cuillandre  (September 6, 2002)
The lower mass function of young open clusters

S.S. Larsen, J.P. Brodie, A. Sarajedini, J.P. Huchra  (August 26, 2002)
Structural parameters and dynamical masses for globular clusters in M33

R.K.S. Yadav & Ram Sagar  (August 28, 2002)
A deep UBVRI CCD photometric study of the open clusters Tr 1 and Be 11



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