List of abstracts received for SCYON

Issue No 4, July 20 2001

Abstracts by topics

Jörg Sanner  (July 20, 2001)
Photometric and kinematic studies of open star clusters

Keith M. Ashman, Stephen E. Zepf  (July 19, 2001)
Some constraints on the formation of globular clusters

B. Brandl, D. Chernoff and, A.F.J. Moffat  (July 12, 2001)
Massive stars ejected from R136?

B. Brandl, W. Brandner, F. Eisenhauer, A.F.J. Moffat, F. Palla, H. Zinnecker  (July 12, 2001)
NGC 3603 -- a local template for massive young clusters

Duncan A. Forbes, Jean P. Brodie, Sören S. Larsen  (July 12, 2001)
Bulge globular clusters in spiral galaxies

M. Freitag  (July 12, 2001)
Monte Carlo cluster simulations to determine the rate of compact star inspiraling to a central galactic black hole

G. Bergond, S. Leon, J. Guibert  (July 11, 2001)
Gravitational tidal effects on galactic open clusters

Peter M. Weilbacher, Uta Fritze-von Alvensleben, and Pierre-Alain Duc  (July 11, 2001)
Dwarf galaxies and star clusters in tidal tails

François Schweizer  (July 11, 2001)
Evolution of globular clusters formed in mergers

P. Coelho, B. Barbuy, M.-N. Perrin, T. Idiart, R. P. Schiavon, S. Ortolani, E. Bica  (July 11, 2001)
Membership of 23 stars towards the bulge globular clusters NGC 6528 and NGC 6553

Pauline Barmby  (July 10, 2001)
Globular Clusters in the Andromeda Galaxy

W. S. Dias, J. R. D. Lépine and B. S. Alessi  (July 9, 2001)
Proper motions of open clusters within 1 kpc based on the TYCHO 2 Catalogue

R. K. S. Yadav, Ram Sagar  (July 5, 2001)
Non-uniform extinction in young open star clusters

Montes D., Lopéz-Santiago J., Gálvez M.C., Fernández-Figueroa M.J., De Castro E., Cornide M.  (June 29, 2001)
Late-type stars members of young stellar kinematic groups. I. Single stars

J. Bouvier, G. Duchêne, J.-C. Mermilliod, T. Simon  (June 28, 2001)
The formation and evolution of binary systems. III. Low-mass binaries in the Praesepe cluster

Inese I. Ivans, Robert P. Kraft, Christopher Sneden, Graeme H. Smith, R. Michael Rich, Matthew Shetrone  (June 15, 2001)
New analyses of star-to-star abundance variations among bright giants in the mildly metal-poor globular cluster M5

Simon Portegies Zwart, David Pooley, Walter Lewin  (June 7, 2001)
A dozen colliding wind X-ray binaries in the star cluster R136 in the 30 Doradus region

Duncan A. Forbes  (May 28, 2001)
A Database of Globular Cluster Bimodality

R. de Grijs, R.W. O'Connell, J.S. Gallagher  (May 28, 2001)
Tidally-induced super star clusters in M82


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