List of abstracts received for SCYON

List of abstracts by order of arrival date

Issue No 26, December 20 2005


  1. Star forming region
  2. Embedded clusters
  3. Galactic open clusters
  4. Galactic globular clusters
  5. Galactic center clusters
  6. SMC clusters
  7. LMC clusters
  8. Extragalactic clusters
  9. Cluster formation
  10. Dynamical evolution - simulations
  11. Miscellanous

A. Star Forming Regions

John M. Fregeau, Sourav Chatterjee and Frederic A. Rasio  (December 12 2005)
Dynamical Interactions of Planetary Systems in Dense Stellar Environments

B. Embedded Clusters

C. Galactic Open Clusters

P. Pietrukowicz, J. Kaluzny and W. Krzeminski  (December 19 2005)
CCD photometry of distant open clusters NGC 2425, Haffner 10 and Czernik 29

A.E. Piskunov, N.V. Kharchenko, S. Röser, E. Schilbach, R.-D- Scholz  (December 14 2005)
Revisiting the population of Galactic open clusters

A. Bragaglia and M. Tosi  (December 12 2005)
The Bologna Open Cluster Chemical Evolution (BOCCE) Project: midterm results from the photometric sample

A. Bragaglia, M. Tosi, E. Carretta, R.G. Gratton, G. Marconi, E. Pompei  (December 07 2005)
Photometric and spectroscopic study of the intermediate age open cluster NGC 3960

G. Baume, A. Moitinho, R. Vazquez, G. Solivella, G. Carraro, S. Villanova  (November 25 2005)
NGC 2401: A template of the Norma-Cygnus Arm's young population in the Third Galactic Quadrant

Ignacio Negueruela, Amparo Marco, Christian Motch and Artemio Herrero  (November 18 2005)
A spectroscopic survey of NGC 7419

A. Moitinho, G. Carraro, G. Baume, R.A. Vazquez  (October 18 2005)
Open clusters in the Third Galactic Quadrant. II. The intermediate age open clusters NGC 2425 and NGC 2635

Giovanni Carraro, Brian Chaboyer, James Perencevich  (October 17 2005)
The Young Open Cluster NGC 2129

D. Galactic Globular Clusters

Duncan A. Forbes  (December 14 2005)
Bimodal Galaxies and Bimodality in Globular Cluster Systems

Jacco Th. van Loon, Snezana Stanimirovic, A. Evans and Erik Muller  (November 11 2005)
Stellar mass loss and the Intra-Cluster Medium in Galactic globular clusters: a deep radio survey for HI and OH

E. Galactic Center Clusters

F. SMC Clusters

G. LMC Clusters

Richard de Grijs and Peter Anders  (December 12 2005)
How well do we know the age and mass distributions of the star cluster system in the Large Magellanic Cloud?

H. Extragalactic Clusters

N. Bastian, M. Gieles, Yu. N. Efremov and H.J.G.L.M. Lamers  (December 14 2005)
Hierarchical Star Formation in M51: Star/Cluster Complexes

N. Bastian, E. Emsellem, M. Kissler-Patig, and C. Maraston  (December 14 2005)
Young Star Cluster Complexes in NGC 4038/39: Integral field spectroscopy using VIMOS-VLT

N. Bastian, R.P. Saglia, P. Goudfrooij, M. Kissler-Patig, C. Maraston, F. Schweizer, and M. Zoccali  (December 14 2005)
Dynamical Mass Estimates for Two Luminous Star Clusters in Galactic Merger Remnants

I. Cluster formation

M. Gieles, S.S. Larsen, R.A. Scheepmaker, N. Bastian, M.R. Haas and H.J.G.L.M. Lamers  (December 20 2005)
Observational evidence for a truncation of the star cluster initial mass function at the high mass end

M. Gieles and S.S. Larsen and N. Bastian and I.T. Stein  (December 20 2005)
The luminosity function of young star clusters: implications for the maximum mass and luminosity of clusters

J. Dynamical Evolution - Simulations

K. Miscellanous

H. Baumgardt, C. Hopman, S. Portegies Zwart, J. Makino  (December 19 2005)
Tidal Capture of Stars by Intermediate-Mass Black Holes

Corinne Charbonnel and Suzanne Talon  (December 12 2005)
Influence of gravity waves on the internal rotation and Li abundance of solar type stars

David Merritt, Andras Szell  (October 18 2005)
Dynamical Cusp Regeneration