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Upcoming Issue No. 87

Abstracts received since the publication of Issue # 86 (23rd December 2022)

S. W. Stahler  (April 15 2024)
Outward Migration in Nascent Stellar Groups

S. Tasdemir, T. Yontan  (December 1 2023)
Analysis of the young open cluster Trumpler 2 using Gaia DR3 data

S. Koc, T. Yontan  (December 1 2023)
Astrophysical Parameters of the Open Cluster Berkeley 6

T. Yontan, S. Bilir, H. Cakmak, and 5 co-authors  (December 1 2023)
CCD UBV and Gaia DR3 based analysis of NGC 189, NGC 1758 and NGC 7762 open clusters

T. Yontan, S. Koc  (December 1 2023)
Astrophysical Parameters of the Open Cluster NGC 2509

T. Yontan, R. Canbay  (December 1 2023)
Comprehensive Analysis of the Open Cluster Collinder 74

S. Gokmen, Z. Eker, T. Yontan, and 5 co-authors  (December 1 2023)
CCD UBV and Gaia DR3 Analyses of Open Clusters King 6 and NGC 1605

V. Kravtsov, S. Dib, F. A. Calderón  (November 23 2023)
The merger of hard binaries in globular clusters as the primary channel for the formation of second generation stars

S. Dib  (November 3 2023)
Variation of the high-mass slope of the stellar initial mass function: Theory meets observations

M. S. Oey, A. N. Sawant, A. Danehkar, and 10 co-authors  (October 30 2023)
Nebular C IV 1550 Imaging of the Metal-Poor Starburst Mrk 71: Direct Evidence of Catastrophic Cooling

J. S. Vink  (October 23 2023)
Very massive stars and Nitrogen emitting galaxies

M. C. Jecmen, M. S. Oe  (October 18 2023)
Delayed Massive-Star Mechanical Feedback at Low Metallicity

A. E. Piatti  (September 11 2023)
An in-depth view of the metallicity distribution of the Small Magellanic Cloud

E. R. Higgins, J. S. Vink, R. Hirschi, A. M. Laird, G. N. Sabhahi  (September 1 2023)
Stellar Wind Yields of Very Massive Stars

A. E. Piatti  (July 17 2023)
Revisiting the old end of the Milky Way open cluster age function

A. E. Piatti  (July 14 2023)
The dual nature of the tidal tails of NGC 5904 (M5)

H. Hur, B. Lim, M.-Y. Chu  (July 14 2023)
A deep optical survey of young stars in the Carina Nebula. I. -- UBVRI photometric data and fundamental parameters

B. Lim, J. Hong, J. Lee, and 3 co-authors  (July 14 2023)
The kinematics of young stellar population in the W5 region of the Cassiopeia OB6 association: implication on the formation process of stellar associations

E. L. Hunt, S. Reffert  (June 27 2023)
Improving the open cluster census. II. An all-sky cluster catalogue with Gaia DR3

M. Ashraf, J. Jose, G. Herczeg, M. Fan  (June 24 2023)
Hα emission line sources from VLT-MUSE in a low-metallicity star forming region -- Dolidze 25

K. Wu, M. B. N. Kouwenhoven, R. Spurzem, X. Pang  (June 23 2023)
Influence of planets on debris discs in star clusters – I. The 50 au Jupiter

S. Dib  (June 22 2023)
The evolution of the internal structure of massive star forming regions in the Milky Way as revealed by ALMA

B. Damian, J. Jose, B. Biller, KT Paul  (June 4 2023)
Protoplanetary disks around young stellar and substellar objects in the σ Orionis cluster

I. Negueruela, A. de Burgo  (April 28 2023)
Gaia colour-magnitude diagrams of young open clusters: Identification in the UBC catalogue and a comparison of manual and automated analysis

B. Damian, J. Jose, B. Biller, and 11 co-authors  (April 3 2023)
A novel survey for young substellar objects with the W-band filter VI: Spectroscopic census of sub-stellar members and the IMF of σ Orionis cluster

A. E. Piatti, Y. Hirai  (March 16 2023)
The Origin of the Large Magellanic Cloud Globular Cluster NGC~2005

S. Martocchia, N. Bastian, S. Saracino, S. Kaman  (February 6 2023)
On the origin of UV-dim stars: a population of rapidly rotating shell stars?

G. Chabrier, R. Lenoble  (January 18 2023)
Probing the Milky Way stellar and brown dwarf initial mass function with modern microlensing observations

E. Leitinger, H. Baumgardt, I. Cabrera-Ziri, M. Hilker, E. Pancin  (January 18 2023)
A Wide-Field View on Multiple Stellar Populations in 28 Milky Way Globular Clusters

A. E. Piatti  (January 10 2023)
Catching a Milky Way open cluster in its last breath

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