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Upcoming Issue No. 87

Abstracts received since the publication of Issue # 86 (23rd December 2022)

B. Damian, J. Jose, B. Biller, KT Paul  (June 4 2023)
Protoplanetary disks around young stellar and substellar objects in the $\sigma$ Orionis cluster

I. Negueruela, A. de Burgo  (April 28 2023)
Gaia colour-magnitude diagrams of young open clusters: Identification in the UBC catalogue and a comparison of manual and automated analysis

B. Damian, J. Jose, B. Biller, and 11 co-authors  (April 3 2023)
A novel survey for young substellar objects with the W-band filter VI: Spectroscopic census of sub-stellar members and the IMF of σ Orionis cluster

A. E. Piatti, Y. Hirai  (March 16 2023)
The Origin of the Large Magellanic Cloud Globular Cluster NGC~2005

S. Martocchia, N. Bastian, S. Saracino, S. Kaman  (February 6 2023)
On the origin of UV-dim stars: a population of rapidly rotating shell stars?

G. Chabrier, R. Lenoble  (January 18 2023)
Probing the Milky Way stellar and brown dwarf initial mass function with modern microlensing observations

E. Leitinger, H. Baumgardt, I. Cabrera-Ziri, M. Hilker, E. Pancin  (January 18 2023)
A Wide-Field View on Multiple Stellar Populations in 28 Milky Way Globular Clusters

A. E. Piatti  (January 10 2023)
Catching a Milky Way open cluster in its last breath

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