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Upcoming Issue No. 86

Abstracts received since the publication of Issue # 85 (30th July 2022)

P. Kroupa, T. Jerabkova, I. Thies, and 14 co-authors  (November 6 2022)
Asymmetrical tidal tails of open star clusters: stars crossing their cluster's práh challenge Newtonian gravitation

K. K. Rao, S. Bhattacharya, K. Vaidya, M. Agrawal  (October 26 2022)
Discovery of double BSS sequences in the old Galactic open cluster Berkeley 17

E. Lacchin, F. Calura, E. Vesperini, A. Mastrobuono-Battisti  (October 21 2022)
The role of rotation on the formation of second generation stars in globular clusters

O. J. Katime Santrich, L. Kerber, Y. Abuchaim, Geraldo Gonçalve  (October 19 2022)
On the validity of the spectroscopic age indicators [Y/Mg], [Y/Al], [Y/Si], [Y/Ca], and [Y/Ti] for giant stars

R. A. González-Lópezlira, L. Lomelí-Núñez, Y. Ordenes-Briceño, and 6 co-authors  (October 18 2022)
The relation between globular cluster systems and supermassive black holes in spiral galaxies III. The link to the M - M* correlation

L. Clifton Johnson, T. M. Wainer, E. E. TorresVillanueva, and 9 co-authors  (October 18 2022)
The Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury: Triangulum Extended Region (PHATTER). IV. Star Cluster Catalog

E. Carretta  (October 18 2022)
Multiple stellar populations in the high-temperature regime: Potassium abundances in the globular cluster M 54 (NGC 6715)

L. Casamiquela, M. Gebran, M. Agüeros, H. Bouy, C. Soubiran  (October 18 2022)
Chemically Peculiar Stars in the Open Cluster Stock 2

A. Yaghoobi, J. Rosdahl, F. Calura, P. Khalaj, H. Haghi  (October 18 2022)
Ionising Feedback Effects on Star Formation in Globular Clusters with Multiple Stellar Populations

E. Bica, F. F. S. Maia, R. A. P. Oliveira, and 9 co-authors  (October 17 2022)
The VISCACHA survey -- V. Rejuvenating three faint SMC clusters

S. Bhattacharya, K. K. Rao, M. Agarwal, S. Balan, K. Vaidy  (October 15 2022)
A Gaia EDR3 search for tidal tails in disintegrating open clusters

M. Reina-Campos, B. W. Keller, J. M. Diederik Kruijssen, and 5 co-authors  (October 14 2022)
Introducing EMP-Pathfinder: modelling the simultaneous formation and evolution of stellar clusters in their host galaxies

M. Reina-Campos, S. Trujillo-Gomez, J. L. Pfeffer, and 4 co-authors  (October 14 2022)
Constraining the shape of dark matter haloes with globular clusters

N. Uppal, S. Ganesh, D. Bisht  (August 8 2022)
Optical linear polarization study toward Czernik 3 open cluster at different spatial scales

S. Dib  (August 5 2022)
The galaxy-wide stellar initial mass function in the presence of cluster-to-cluster IMF variations

V. V. Jadhav  (August 2 2022)
Panchromatic study of star clusters: binaries, blue lurkers, blue stragglers and membership

A. Panthi, K. Vaidya, V. Jadhav, and 4 co-authors  (August 1 2022)
UOCS–VIII. UV Study of the open cluster NGC 2506 using ASTROSAT

M. Howell, S. W. Campbell, D. Stello, G. M. De Silva  (July 31 2022)
Integrated Mass Loss of Evolved Stars in M4 using Asteroseismology

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