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Upcoming Issue No. 86

Abstracts received since the publication of Issue # 85 (30th July 2022)

N. Uppal, S. Ganesh, D. Bisht  (August 8 2022)
Optical linear polarization study toward Czernik 3 open cluster at different spatial scales

S. Dib  (August 5 2022)
The galaxy-wide stellar initial mass function in the presence of cluster-to-cluster IMF variations

V. V. Jadhav  (August 2 2022)
Panchromatic study of star clusters: binaries, blue lurkers, blue stragglers and membership

A. Panthi, K. Vaidya, V. Jadhav, and 4 co-authors  (August 1 2022)
UOCS–VIII. UV Study of the open cluster NGC 2506 using ASTROSAT

M. Howell, S. W. Campbell, D. Stello, G. M. De Silva  (July 31 2022)
Integrated Mass Loss of Evolved Stars in M4 using Asteroseismology

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