List of abstracts received for SCYON

List of abstracts by order of arrival date

Issue No 29, September 10 2006


  1. Star forming region
  2. Embedded clusters
  3. Galactic open clusters
  4. Galactic globular clusters
  5. Galactic center clusters
  6. SMC clusters
  7. LMC clusters
  8. Extragalactic clusters
  9. Cluster formation
  10. Dynamical evolution - simulations
  11. Miscellanous

A. Star Forming Regions

B. Embedded Clusters

C. Galactic Open Clusters

S. Sharma, A.K. Pandey, K. Ogura, H. Mito, K. Tarusava and R. Sagar  (September 10 2006)
Wide Field CCD photometry around nine open clusters

A.K. Pandey, S. Sharma and K. Ogura  (September 10 2006)
The population in the background of open clusters: Tracer of the Norma-Cygnus arm

A. Marino, G. Micela, G. Peres and I. Pillitteri  (September 10 2006)
X-ray Variability of NGC 2516 Stars in the XMM-Newton Observations

S. Michael Fall  (September 08 2006)
Relations Between the Luminosity, Mass, and Age Distributions of Young Star Clusters

P. Pietrukowicz, A. Olech, M. Wisniewski, P. Kedzierski, K. Mularczyk, K. Zloczewski, S. Starczewski and K. Szaruga  (September 07 2006)
CURious Variables Experiment (CURVE). CCD Photometry and Variable Stars in the field of open cluster NGC 637

Eric E. Mamajek  (September 05 2006)
A New Nearby Candidate Star Cluster in Ophiuchus at d = 170 pc

E. Schilbach, N.V. Kharchenko, A.E. Piskunov, S. Röser and R.-D. Scholz  (September 04 2006)
Population analysis of open clusters: radii and mass segregation

Søren Meibom, Robert D. Mathieu and Keivan G. Stassun  (September 04 2006)
An Observational Study of Tidal Synchronization in Solar-Type Binary Stars in the Open Clusters M35 and M34

Alexis Brandeker, Ray Jayawardhana, Parandis Khavari, Karl E. Haisch Jr. and Diego Mardones  (August 19 2006)
Deficit of wide binaries in the eta Chamaeleontis young cluster

K. Zwintz and W.W. Weiss  (August 16 2006)
Pulsating pre-main sequence stars in IC 4996 and NGC 6530

Zhen-Yu Wu, Xu Zhou, Jun Ma, Zhao-Ji Jiang and Jian-Sheng Chen  (August 15 2006)
Membership Determination of Open Cluster M48 Based on BATC 13-Band Photometry

Charles Bonatto and Eduardo Bica  (August 04 2006)
Methods for improving open cluster fundamental parameters applied to M52 and NGC3960

B. Tian, L. Deng, Z. Han and X.B. Zhang  (August 04 2006)
The green stragglers formed via mass transfer in old open clusters

H. Sana, G. Rauw, Y. Naze, E. Gosset and J.-M. Vreux  (August 04 2006)
An XMM-Newton view of the young open cluster NGC 6231 -- II. The OB star population

H. Sana, E. Gosset, G. Rauw, H. Sung and J.-M. Vreux  (August 04 2006)
An XMM-Newton view of the young open cluster NGC 6231 -- I. The catalogue

E. Paunzen and M. Netopil  (July 26 2006)
On the current status of open-cluster parameters

Giovanni Carraro, Annapurni Subramaniam and Kenneth A. Janes  (June 29 2006)
Fundamental parameters of six neglected old open clusters

D. Galactic Globular Clusters

A. Alves-Brito, B. Barbuy, M. Zoccali, D. Minniti, S. Ortolani, V. Hill, A. Renzini, L. Pasquini, E. Bica, R.M. Rich, J. Melendez and Y. Momany  (September 07 2006)
VLT-UVES abundance analysis of four giants in NGC 6553

Nikos Prantzos and Corinne Charbonnel  (September 04 2006)
On the self-enrichment scenario of galactic globular clusters: Constraints on the IMF

Paolo Miocchi  (August 13 2006)
Central energy equipartition in multimass models of globular clusters

E. Galactic Center Clusters

F. SMC Clusters

G. LMC Clusters

Simon Portegies Zwart and Stephanie Rusli  (September 05 2006)
The evolution of binary star clusters and the nature of NGC2136/NGC2137

E. Paunzen, H.M. Maitzen, O.I. Pintado, A. Claret, I.Kh. Iliev and M. Netopil  (August 21 2006)
Chemically peculiar stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud

H. Extragalactic Clusters

Steffen Mieske, Andrés Jordán, Patrick Côté, Markus Kissler-Patig, Eric W. Peng, Laura Ferrarese, John P. Blakeslee, Simona Mei, David Merritt, John L. Tonry and Michael J. West  (September 06 2006)
The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. XIV. Analysis of Color-Magnitude Relations in Globular Cluster Systems

S.S. Larsen and T. Richtler  (August 23 2006)
Planetary Nebula Candidates in Extragalactic Young Star Clusters

M. Fellhauer, P. Kroupa and N.W. Evans  (August 18 2006)
Complex stellar populations in massive clusters: trapping stars of a dwarf disc galaxy in a newborn stellar super-cluster

I. Cluster formation

Richard de Grijs  (September 05 2006)
From nuclear clusters to halo globulars: Star clusters as basic galactic building blocks

J. Dynamical Evolution - Simulations

Martina Fagiolini, Gabriella Raimondo, Scilla Degl'Innocenti  (September 07 2006)
Monte Carlo Simulations of Metal-Poor Star Clusters

S.S. Larsen  (September 05 2006)
Observational Constraints on Cluster Evolution

M. Gieles, S.F. Portegies Zwart, H. Baumgardt, E. Athanassoula, H.J.G.L.M. Lamers, M. Sipior and J. Leenaarts  (September 04 2006)
Star clusters disruption by giant molecular clouds

H.J.G.L.M. Lamers and M. Gieles  (September 04 2006)
Star clusters in the solar neighbourhood: how are they destroyed?

Mark R. Krumholz, Christopher D. Matzner, and Christopher F. McKee  (August 24 2006)
The Global Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds. I: Model Formulation and Quasi-Equilibrium Behavior

K. Miscellanous

Melvyn B. Davies, Pau Amaro-Seoane, Cees Bassa, Jim Dale, Francesca De Angeli, Marc Freitag, Pavel Kroupa, Dougal Mackey, M. Coleman Miller and Simon Portegies Zwart  (September 10 2006)
The MODEST questions: challenges and future directions in stellar cluster research

G.M. De Silva, K.C. Freeman, J. Bland-Hawthorn, M. Asplund and M.S. Bessell  (September 09 2006)
Chemically Tagging the HR1614 Moving Group

Clovis Hopman  (August 24 2006)
Astrophysics of extreme mass ratio inspiral sources

Holger Baumgardt, Alessia Gualandris and Simon Portegies Zwart  (July 25 2006)
Ejection of Hyper-Velocity Stars from the Galactic Centre by Intermediate-Mass Black Holes